History of R&B and Funk

A Sign Of The Times of the Carolinas presents its 13th Annual Black History production, The History of R&B and Funk” – featuring the James Brown Band. This educational and entertaining production by ‘A Sign Of The Times of the Carolinas’ examines “Rhythm & Blues
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Black History is Not Just for Black People!

While knowledge of one”s history has many benefits for the individual, the rewards are much greater the community.  We learn the sanguine world and American history in school but not the actual history of native Americans or Africans in the Americas. Black History is invisible
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Gantt Center Award 2013

Jazzy Luncheon 2013

Tyrone Jefferson Award-Winning Musician, Band Leader and Arts Activist Tyrone Jefferson is executive director of A Sign Of The Times of the Carolinas—a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving our community through cultural productions and educational programs that reflect the true heritage of African Americans.
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